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Customer reviews

It is always great to hear from happy customers!! :D
On 6/5/15 SC wrote: 

I have received my camera housing and it looks as good as new!

Many thanks


On 23/6/15 NO wrote:

Hi Kevin, thanks for your care.


On 23/7/15 BD wrote:

Hi Maggie
Many thanks, box arrived today, and all looks to be there and in order
... many thanks for all your help and great service.

On 24/7 15 PC wrote:

Hi Maggie

thanks for the great service



On 2/9/15 BP wrote

Hi Kevin & Maggie

Have received the camera & housing and spare bits. All looks good, can’t wait to try it.

Many thanks

Best regards


On 31/8/15 GC wrote:

Dear Kevin

Well finally I got to use the Subal you serviced for me and here are some of my 1st efforts with the Dome port which seem fine so I am really pleased. I hope you are well and the business is going ok.



PS the Wreck is at approx 33m

On 03/02/16 14:18, BA wrote:

Hi Maggie

I can confirm I took deliver and I’m very pleased with the repair.



On 1/3/16 MR wrote:

Hi Kevin, today I have received the parts you sent to me. Great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My housing now works perfectly!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for your kindness and for the speed in solving the problem , qualities that I have unfortunately found in Italy.

Certainly, when I have to buy a new sea & sea , I’ll do it in the UK !!

On 1/3/16 TS wrote:

You’re a legend. Invaluable info. 

On 20/2/18 S.W. wrote:
Hi Kevin,
i would like to thank you for your response and for all the detailed instructions you gave me.
you helped me a lot as everything is ok and working right now.
it was just the screw untighten as i quessed but i was tightening it in the “wrong” place.with your help and instructions i made it right.
thank you so much for your precious help.
wish you have a great day
Kind regards

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