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Customer Technical Problem

Workshop Notes

If you have downloaded  information from our site. Please feel free to forward the link to your friends. This will ensure they see the whole story!

Please respect our copyright.
If you pass the information on, please acknowledge where it came from, you never know, we may be able to solve their problem!

If we can help with anything else please visit our website or send us an email we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Dismantling specialised underwater equipment has inherent risks and as such if you are not technically minded and practical we would advise you to pass any repairs on to a specialist repair Company.

Please refer to our terms of use and copyright for this website found on the bottom of each page.

Any information regarding service or repair can be used in a fully tooled workshop and gives a simple and complete guide to the solution specific to the equipment.

It is especially good for using ‘in the field’ as each section can be viewed and dismantled without reference (unless stated) to any other section.

Any technical information has been produced through service work over a specific period of time and we can only account for changes in build that we have come across, so please follow any procedures carefully and note any differences if applicable, we would appreciate any information on subtle differences within the same equipment.

If you have any specific questions or any suggestion of how we might improve our information please send us an e-mail :