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Chris’s Story – Care of ‘O’ Rings

Chris was socialising with his friends at the start of the holidays and agreed to help Lance with photographs and filming in a local river, for his new fishing website.
They arranged to get the photography done in a day and Lance would call when the conditions were looking good.Chris is a busy person, working at a sports venue on safety and maintenance and being involved with way too many sports for the free time he had. But when friends or family needed help he was always there.

The call came on Monday evening for that Saturday, it was an exceptionally busy week for Chris but he promised…… Thursday evening arrived before Chris opened up his photography bag and pulled out his underwater housing, he gave it a quick checkover to make sure everything was working, but wasn’t really happy with the housings main seal, it was a little flattened off and didn’t sit in the the ‘O’-ring seat as well as he remembered. No problem he has stored a bag of spares in the garage!

Friday evening and eventually after a good tidy, the bag of seals was found on the top shelf with lots of ‘useful one day’ stuff keeping them company. However…………… they looked much more dodgy than the one in the housing and these were sticky!

Fortunately on the way to the river is a Company dealing with hydraulics, the really helpful assistant went through a series of seals, different colours, sections and materials and the closest seal fitted but felt very slightly different.

Chris arrived at the river unloaded all his kit and took all the above water shots Lance wanted done, before kitting up to get wet, after 2 min 20secs in the river Chris’s leak alarm sounded, he had just secured the rig, to film between the roots of a tree and by the time he had reached the bank the camera had stopped working……………………

Chris was devastated that a favour for a friend had cost him so dearly, in stress, replacement of equipment and repairs to his housing.But to be fair to Chris, he was never made aware of how to store his seals to give them the best chance of surviving the causes of ageing, he was also not aware of the importance of using the right seal.We would like to give you this valuable information free Click here

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