Underwater Photography should be a “Calm Creative Craft” rather than a “Nerve Racking Roller Coaster of Emotion”

Have you ever had or been on a trip where a friend’s U/W camera has suffered from a breakdown or flood?

That experience always sends shivers through the rest of the group, it’s well known saying that we are ‘always between floods’.

What if I told you there was a system that would silence that voice of fear & anxiety for ever. So you can freely focus on your subject and make full use of the dive time, to grow your exclusive talents as an underwater photographer.

Having the ability to spot & solve equipment faults before they occur, radically transforms your trigger finger to focus on creating the unique images that you are proud of?

What would you say if I offer to help you maintain & care for your U/W rig like an expert so you avoid equipment failure problems before they occur?

How would you feel if you had the skills to spend your time underwater focusing entirely, on the creation of images, that make you smile and friends insist on asking you for a print!

And of course refer to you as Yoda:)

Would you want to know where you can find this system?

I’m Kevin and I’ve been helping underwater photographers understand the strengths & weaknesses of U/W camera equipment for nearly 40 years.

I have helped professionals, Universities, Research teams and Beginners worldwide to create systems that ensure their kit works seamlessly no matter what gets thrown at it.

When you have this knowledge you can be sure that your time underwater is spent being as productive and creative as possible, during the limited time you have before the air runs out!
Once you know how to action this system, then you can have total confidence to focus on your subject.

When you have the freedom to make great images, then you can put your heart and soul into the creation.

So that’s what this page is about……
are you ready to achieve mastery of your U/W camera system?

I have serviced, repaired and handled over 50,000 jobs. Thousands who have sent me work have received top tips and tricks showing how to avoid the problems their equipment has suffered from.

When I first started out, I had the same failures, floods, breakdowns and aborted dives as everybody else, it was not only frustrating but being in the trade really embarrassing!

Now I’m in a different place – I’ve built a simple system that solves 80% of the common problems U/W photographers experience with their kit, pre, mid and post dive.

And it all started with creating a workshop manual for a housing being used by the British Antarctic expedition, it sparked that ah-ha moment, when I realised my knowledge could help all underwater photographers to keep their equipment in a condition to serve them best, no matter where they were in the world.

Now at this point, you must be asking “the big question” how can a system stop a flood?

With a correctly actioned and systemised check of your equipment, you can quickly know what, where and how to sort potential flood problems, so you never get to the flood stage.

When I think about the number of customers who have called me while on location, on holiday and from places so far off the grid, that in order to get a signal, it has involved another journey. I am reminded of how desperate that feeling is when your equipment lets you down.
The elation when we can sort problems over the phone or by email, gives everyone involved a feeling of empowerment.

Just a few comments from customers receiving our help or advice

“Result! It may not be the best video you’ve seen, but it’s a tribute to the time and effort you guys have put in to make it possible. Thank you for all you help”

“Useful. I like having a system of practical checks to work through. It’s a bit like a buddy check for my camera“.

“I am going to keep a copy with me whenever I go on holiday to ensure I have some guidance to hand”.

As a part of the course we use case studies to understand what can and does go wrong when out on location. This will guide you to understanding the principles required to ensure you do not experience the same problems, as one customer said………

“Makes you realise there are always things you either don’t know or need more information about”.

This is a brand new course based on years of feedback from our customers asking for a wide range of information, we have included simple basic care, along with highly targeted problem solving solutions, but the course has been created with the help of U/W photographers just like you.

But before I tell you more about the “Disaster Prevention Toolkit Course”

I have to warn you……. we have a very limited number of places on this course.
It is going to be live and interactive, and since it’s an online coaching program, registration will only open for a short time.

Then we’ll close registration and start the class.

Since you’re reading this, either you’ve experience equipment failure or had a ‘close call’ with your kit and want to ensure you have done everything possible to stop this ever happening again.
Whether you have equipment that just won’t function at depth, or always seems to take in drops of water, then this course will give you the tools to understand why and how to rectify the problem.

With time you will be able to anticipate the problems before they happen.

So when you join this course you will receive;

After the program is over, you’ll still have access to the PDF’s and the private FB group…
So you’ll be able to go back over the material at your leisure.
You’ll find that the ability to review the material
as often as you like at your own convenience
is simply priceless.

One last thing……..

I am not some magician. I just stumbled onto an idea more than 10 years ago that has gradually morphed into the “Disaster Prevention Toolkit Course”.

The experience that has gone into this course has been accrued not only by my 40 years in the trade, but with the experience and insight of hundreds of the customers I have worked with over those years, I have continually worked on it… refining it, adding to it, perfecting it.

The result is a method, system and process that can be applied very successfully over and over.

If you’re ready then your next step is to Opt-in below and get registered for the
“Disaster Prevention Toolkit Course”

This is your time, and I’d love to serve you.

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