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Why Do We Service ? 

Maybe it's not as obvious as we think.

Cameras and housings today are made of much more reliable materials than ever before. The effect of salt-water corrosion is minimized on the modern polycarbonate or aluminium coated bodies.

But unfortunately for users of this equipment, salt and sand are particularly insistent on getting into those hard to clean places and will tear into the 'O'-rings and their seats without mercy, over time the liquid stuff will wash off the silicone lubricant that allow controls to function correctly. This sort of damage will form a leak path around the seal to your precious electronic equipment, causing chaos and mayhem. Usually when you are either a long way from any help or just about to shoot that once in a lifetime opportunity.

Small amounts of dripping water will always (according to a certain law) land on the flash contacts or the shutter blades. Both of these are notoriously difficult to clean and if not treated rapidly and efficiently, will often result in expensive replacement parts. Impact is an all too common occurrence, usually when passing your most valued possession (your camera!) into 'safe hands' on the boat. Any form of impact should be treated with respect. Aluminium can distort enough to flood and polycarbonate can fracture, Plastic levers or switches can suffer stress and break at any time and control shafts will often bend.

Regular servicing will ensure that all the 'O'-rings and their seats are in good condition, the control shafts and switches are operating effectively and efficiently, the electronics are working to specification and that the whole unit is tested to the correct depth rating.

Servicing ensures stress free underwater photography. (Well almost!)

'Always check your seals and seats for foreign bodies,
 fleece fluff or hairs or signs of damage'

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