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Which Flashgun?


Most manufacturers of cameras also manufacture flashguns. But this does not mean you have to buy a matching set!.

Most flashguns and cameras can be mixed and matched (although not all! check before you buy), often a simple lead change or the insetion of an adapter will modify the system.

Flashguns are available from a basic slave only gun to TTL with manual override settings and slave flashgun combined. Generally the price will be an indication of the function range of the flashgun.

Slave only guns are normally used with more basic cameras and are normally a low power output flashgun, they can be used for fill in flash or as a mobile light booster, triggered by the main flash. A light sensor circuit triggers the slave flashgun, this has to be activated by another flashgun or a dedicated light-emitting trigger. 

Some of the smaller flashguns are very dedicated to the host camera and will not work unless in direct line of sight from the emitter.

Most cabled flashguns are normally equipped with at least TTL and full manual power modes although a few give an extra slave or lower power function as well. Flashgun output across the range of this type of flash unit is very similar and more importance may be placed on the angle and evenness (not normally indicated!) of coverage

High-end flashguns will usually have TTL function and a range of manual output control, they will often have a slave function, an internal spotting light or an audio signal function (occasionally all of these!) The power output on the higher specification flash units is normally higher than mid-range units possibly by 50%, but some guns also give importance to beam spread, this will cover wide angle shots and a few guns allow beam angle adjustment.



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