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Which camera ?

What a range of makes and models available! How can anybody possibly chose which model is the best.

Most Cameras will do the job, obviously some do the job better than others - but only if the operator knows or wants to be bothered with the technicalities of the product or shot.

So what is best for you?

I have always suggested to my customers that the level of experience in their chosen sport and the interest in terrestrial photography should indicate the entry-level of camera required.

For the majority of sports the simple point and shoot cameras are more than adequate but for those who wish to do even a little more we recommend looking at cameras that have similar functions to your land camera.

The more advanced systems will offer a large array of accessories for almost every purpose and occasion. But a few manufacturers produce a simple camera that has add on accessories that will allow you to enhance your system as you progress.

Questions to ask;

Movie or Still?
Scenic or Sunk?
Snaps or Studies?
Record or Random?
Patient or Petulant?
Sharks or Shrimps?

The more questions you ask about your requirements the more appropriate your equipment will be.

For Snap shots the cheapest camera systems will usually suffice but recording data may involve a more accurate arrangement as in time-lapse photography.

Macro photography is very popular but takes a great deal of set up knowledge and patience to obtain great shots, while taking pictures of large objects delivers a large amount of problems usually related to lack of light or even optics with a wide enough view.

Film Camera or digital?

If you wish to take anything more than general shots the digital camera required to compete with SLR film currently has to be a high-end specification.

The quality of digital verses film is negligible at the basic level and has many advantages over film - namely the ability to play back the shot immediately and recreate if required.
Even if a computer is not used, the average high street processor will print direct from your memory card.High-end specification digital cameras are now coming into their own and not withstanding the problems with flash integration are set to outstrip the more expensive SLR film market.

The advantages of digital far outweigh the question of quality loss, and this only arises when expanding the picture area above normal sizes.

Don't forget second hand equipment is often readily available and sometimes highly sort after. Upgrading is always an easier task than starting out.

But if you have any questions we are here to help.

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