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Commonly asked questions.
How do I clean my seals?
How should I clean my equipment?
How do I stop my unit from leaking?
What do I do if I do get a leak?
What do I check if my equipment just stops working?
Why are synch leads so temperamental?
How should I store my equipment when travelling or when not in use?
How often should I get my equipment serviced?
What 'O'-ring grease should I use?
How do I know if a second hand unit is good?
How should I get my equipment to you?

What do I do if I do get a leak?
Firstly do not panic. For all equipment remove any batteries or power supply and dry these out, if they start to overheat put them in a safe area in case of explosion or fire. If it is a camera try and remove your film. It is always a good idea to rewind the film in the camera if possible, but if not use a black bag (available from most photographic shops) or a blacked out room. Firstly remove the film cartridge and gently pull the film out of the take up chamber. Gently is quite important as pulling too hard may damaged the camera gearing and increase the repair charges. Although the film may be wet careful handling should produce little damage to your photographs, keeping the film wet will stop the emulsion sticking to the back of the contacting film. Get it processed as soon as possible. Now you can visually check the equipment a partial flood will probably cause a localised problem and should be dried out as best possible while working the switches and levers manually. This may save costs on the mechanical side of any repairs. If a full flood an emergency clean bucket of fresh water is the best place, again while working the switches and levers manually, this will help to lessen the concentration of dirty water, while washing out most of the dirt/salt and therefore reducing the speed of oxidation. But you will need to get it to a professional repair Company fast, any delay and the equipment should not be allowed to dry at all, but expect a high bill.

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