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Commonly asked questions.
How do I clean my seals?
How should I clean my equipment?
How do I stop my unit from leaking?
What do I do if I do get a leak?
What do I check if my equipment just stops working?
Why are synch leads so temperamental?
How should I store my equipment when travelling or when not in use?
How often should I get my equipment serviced?
What 'O'-ring grease should I use?
How do I know if a second hand unit is good?
How should I get my equipment to you?

What do I check if my equipment just stops working?
Always suspect the obvious! Batteries are always a favourite. I always carry more than one spare set 'Just in case' but have still been let down with a dead cell, or ambient temperature too cold, or the battery charger not working due to wrong or intermittent voltage. Live aboard boats often have supply problems when everybody wants to charge equipment, shower and use lights at the same time! The next most common problem is forgetting to put a film in the camera, yes I have done it and very embarrassing it was too. Many cameras will not attempt to wind or take a photograph without a film in, this also applies to digital cameras without built in memory. If you have just put a film in then check that it is installed to the indication point. Working cameras will also stop part way through a dive because of pressure or dirt, if you have overshot the depth rating or got debris behind a switch, damage may have been done to buttons or switches that will stay on not allowing the camera to reset for the next photograph. Mechanical or electronic breakdown is uncommon but every now and again some of us are unlucky. Of course sudden failure could possibly, be caused by a flood, see above. If you are unable to ascertain the cause of failure have it checked as soon as possible.

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