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Why do Manufacturers insist using their grease is the best option, when often quality and quantity are inadequate?

In fact the lubricant is as important as any other component on your equipment and it is often the "WEAKEST LINK"

ZFL-42 lubricant is based on pure flourinated technology, it does not contain hydrogen and cannot support combustion. It is non-reactive towards oxygen and is safe to use with oxidising chemicals, such as chlorine.

  • It is chemically inert

  • Thermally stable

  • Non-flammable

  • Non- Volatile

It is completely compatable with all synthetic and natural rubbers, 'O'-rings, metals and plastics. It can also be used with confidence in high pressure air, nitrous oxide and pure gaseous and liquid oxygen (LOX) systems with no fear of combustion.

No wonder this technology has become the industry standard for Aerospace, Medical, Safety breathing equipment and SCUBA applications.

This product is available to you in easy to use syringes of

20-grams or 40-grams

Allowing you to put the prescise measure in the exact location, with the added benefit of seeing when you need to top-up!

£20.76 for 20-grams of ZFL-42 in an easy to use syringe

£43.14 for 40-grams of ZFL-42 in an easy to use syringe

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zfl-42 spec sheet


Also available in


4-gram Syringe

zfl-42 spec sheet

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