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Environmental hazards are a major problem when it comes to photography.

Not just because of the dangers involved in having to get in close to something nasty but also because of the damage caused to equipment when being cleaned down with aggresive chemicals.

With the arrival of Foot & Mouth and now the prospect of Avian Flu the subject has been a concern to all who record such events.

Aquaphot can supply protective camera bags that if used according to the instructions will eliminate the effects of most of the common chemicals on the expensive camera equipment inside.

These protective cases are available for a range of equipment from small compact cameras right through to betamax video.

If you require further information on these products please call to discuss your requirements.

If you require further information on environmental protection against Avian Flu please refer to http://www.antecint.co.uk/main/aquacultmain.htm

If you require answers to any questions about our service, our company or any of our claims please contact us directly and I am certain we can satify all of your concerns.



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