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Drying Agent

When stowing equipment away any signs of moisture will encourage fungal growth or cause condensation that could damage optical surfaces or electronics, so storing for any period time it is advisable to use a drying agent in the equipment and also in the storage case.

What is a drying agent ?

A drying agent is a compound that absorbs water molecules readily in order to reduce the effects of condensation spoilage.

Most drying agents can be heated and re-used reapeatedly.

The most common form of drying agent is silica gel and if untreated is non-hazardous, if however a colour change (normally blue to pink) occurs when exposed to moisture the silica gel is laced with cobalt(II) chloride, this is a toxic substance and is considered to be carcinogenic.

We recommend always having enough to fully dry out damp equipment between trips.

Here we stock clear silica gel in three convenient sizes

1g sachets for use within equipment housings
(£5.00 for 35)

5g sachets for use within equipment housings
(£5.00 for 25)
10g sachets for use in storage cases
(£5.00 for 15)

(plus post & packaging)

Our silica gel is colourless and can be re-used many times.



Further information about silca gel can be found at:


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