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Commonly asked questions on underwater Cameras.

How do I clean my seals?
How should I clean my equipment?
How do I stop my unit from leaking?
What do I do if I do get a leak?
What do I check if my equipment just stops working?
Why are synch leads so temperamental?
How should I store my equipment when travelling or when not in use?
How often should I get my equipment serviced?
What 'O'-ring grease should I use?
How do I know if a second hand unit is good?
How should I get my equipment to you?

These pages are best used for general information, using the menu box on the left may give a little more information.

We understand every set-up is different and nothing can replace one to one help and advice.

So if what you seek is not here or not clear - contact us directly and we shall endeavour to solve your problem.





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