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Commonly asked questions.
How do I clean my seals?
How should I clean my equipment?
How do I stop my unit from leaking?
What do I do if I do get a leak?
What do I check if my equipment just stops working?
Why are synch leads so temperamental?
How should I store my equipment when travelling or when not in use?
How often should I get my equipment serviced?
What 'O'-ring grease should I use?
How do I know if a second hand unit is good?
How should I get my equipment to you?

How should I store my equipment when travelling or when not in use?
When travelling we always try to get more equipment into the same case every year and always end up squashing something to close the lid. Kit should be stored with user serviceable seals out, batteries out, plugs and leads out, and enough room around not to bend, scrape or disfigure either it or the item laying next to it. Seals should always be stored in light tight bags, as they break down in UV light. All equipment should be stored in a cool stable temperature. If flying then pressure variations can cause all sorts of problems, equipment should be packed allowing air to freely travel in/out and batteries should be securely stored separately. With long term storage fungal growths are probably the biggest problem for optical equipment, and exposing to UV light will slow down growth, but most lens coatings do a really good job at stopping UV rays. So make sure it is very dry before storing for a long period and use a drying agent in the equipment and also in the storage case. Often bags or cases cause fungal problems so also check to make sure these are clean and dry. If you do find fungi has got into your equipment despair not most repair Companies can remove the majority of minor attacks without loss of performance.

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