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Commonly asked questions.
How do I clean my seals?
How should I clean my equipment?
How do I stop my unit from leaking?
What do I do if I do get a leak?
What do I check if my equipment just stops working?
Why are synch leads so temperamental?
How should I store my equipment when travelling or when not in use?
How often should I get my equipment serviced?
What 'O'-ring grease should I use?
How do I know if a second hand unit is good?
How should I get my equipment to you?

How do I clean my seals?
Carefully remove the seal and check the casing seal contact points for any signs of damage, clean the area with a lint free cloth and check again. Any signs of scratching or surface pitting could be serious and may require expert inspection. Check the seal for large or hard pieces of debris, (if present wash in warm soapy water) and rinse off, wipe seal clean with lint free cloth and inspect for any signs of damage, cuts, abrasions, crazing, or flattening. If you have any doubt at all, file under 'Bin' and replace. Many silicone seals do not require greasing, they are usually coloured, but please check your equipments instructions. Use only enough lubricant (see page on grease) to make the seal look wet, (as excess will tend hold debris). Re-check the seat then carefully replace the seal onto its seat without rolling or stretching the seal as either could lead to a leak. Then close up the unit as soon as possible

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