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So many to choose from and they all have the same name!

But they are all slightly different. It is very easy to tell the difference between Nikonos and Sea & Sea 'O'-ring grease by feeling the texture, some manufactures use silicone oil, some silicone grease others petroleum jelly.

So we used to recommend sticking to the manufacturers preferred lubricant. (link to ZFL-42)

If you run out use some from the same supplier but please take care as,

Silicone Grease must not be used on silicone seals!

Using any other than Sea & Sea blue top grease on their blue silicone seals may cause the 'O'-ring to go "dry" and require discarding.

Many suppliers of underwater equipment use standard silicone grease that is suitable for most applications but sticking to the lubricant supplied by your equipment manufacturer will ensure costly mistakes are kept to a minimum.

Different greases are manufactured to use on varying composites of seals, the Nitrile seals are very wide ranging in composite and hardness, a large range of P.T.F.E. seals and even neoprene seals are now commonplace. Using the right grease for the right seal is a must and unless you are learned in the art of seals and silicone take great care. The grease from your food processor may not seal your housing!

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