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Flooded or Just Slightly Wet ?

This is the most important evaluation you can make and will alter the price of any repairs enormously.

If your equipment has had a total flood then you have nothing to lose! So rinsing your equipment in fresh water (distilled is more efficient) will remove a lot of the salt and 'muck' that has been deposited over the system. Some say that alcohol will lift the liquid and then evaporate but this rarely removes trapped liquid from under components and often breaks down lacquers used to protect electronics. So we recommend using alcohol for medicinal purposes only, as it will have little or no effect on your equipment.

A variety of liquids have been used on cameras sent to us for repair as diverse as milk or WD-40, many substances have made repairs impossible as they often contain more than suggested.

You should not expect to recover the full workings of the electronics, especially if the batteries were in for any time, as electrolysis will immediately start to eat away at the legs of components and the circuit board layout. But if while drying the equipment it is worked mechanically, a large percentage of the mechanical components may be saved.

If your equipment has suffered only a partial flood, then rinsing in anything can only make matters more serious.

Open the equipment up as much as possible (beware of high voltages within flash units) and dry thoroughly (a small hairdryer or warm radiator will do) After the equipment is dry a full check over will determine the extent of the damage.

Usually this type of first aid reduces the cost of repairs dramatically.

Always check the 'O'-ring seals and seats before you get the gear wet. Hair & Clothing fibres are the largest cause of sealing failure!


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