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Accidental damage

Although waterproof photographic equipment is designed for use in water, many things can go wrong.

The equipment is hermetically sealed in an outer casing and the controls and casings are sealed by a series of 'O'-rings. These allow movement of controls while keeping liquid out.

'O'-Ring failure will occur through stress, abrasion or damage, but mostly due to foreign bodies such as fleece hair or grit on the seal or seat allowing a leak path into the camera.

Accidentally dropping a hair or clothing fibre onto the seal, or cutting the seal with a sharp removal tool, will cause failure of the seal.

Failure to spot splitting or debris on the 'O'-rings or their seats will cause inconvenient and expensive repairs.

We recommend checking all accessible seals between each film change as well as before and after each trip.

A routine of regular checking will minimise the risk of equipment failure.

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